Who is at risk for coronavirus ?

Who is at risk for coronavirus ?

As defined by Légifrance Decree No. 2020-521 of 5 May 2020.

The list of vulnerable persons presenting a risk of developing a serious form of infection with the SARS-CoV-2 virus :

  1. Persons aged 65 years and above (although patients aged between 50 – 70 should be monitored more closely);
  2. Persons with a cardiovascular history (ATCD): complicated arterial hypertension (with cardiac, renal and vascular-cerebral complications), cerebrovascular accident or coronary artery disease, cardiac surgery, heart failure stage NYHA III or IV;
  3. Persons with uncontrolled diabetes or with complications;
  4. Persons with a chronic respiratory pathology likely to decompensate in the event of a viral infection: obstructive bronchopneumopathy, severe asthma, pulmonary fibrosis, sleep apnea syndrome, cystic fibrosis;
  5. Persons with chronic renal insufficiency on dialysis;
  6. Persons with progressive cancer under treatment (excluding hormone therapy);
  7. Persons who are obese with a body mass index (BMI) > 30 kgm2;
  8. Persons with congenital or acquired immunosuppression:
    • cancer chemotherapy,
    • immunosuppressive therapy,
    • biotherapy and/or corticosteroid therapy at immunosuppressive doses;
    • uncontrolled HIV infection or infection with CD4 < 200/mm3 ;
  9. Persons following solid organ or hematopoietic stem cell transplant; related to a malignant hemopathy during treatment;
  10. Persons with stage B cirrhosis of at least Child Pugh’s score;
  11. Persons with a major sickle cell syndrome or a history of splenectomy;
  12. Women in the third trimester of pregnancy.

People living in the home of a person considered vulnerable may benefit from the partial activity scheme (dispositif d’activité partielle).

Protective measures to adopt for all ages :

👋 DO NOT visit the elderly or the sick to avoid infecting them

🙅🏻‍♀️ DO NOT shake hands or hug to greet each other

🤲 Wash your hands regularly

🗣 Cough into your elbow

🤧 Use a disposable tissue

😷 Wear a disposable mask especially if you are sick

Remember :

☎️  your general practitioner (généraliste) if you experience any symptoms of cough, fever, conjunctivitis, severe fatigue, aches and pains, loss of smell and taste or dermatitis…

☎️ 15 in case of breathing difficulty and severity of symptoms cited above

☎️ 0 800 130 000 for non-medical questions, (7/7, 24/24)

👉 https://clinician-nancy.com/2020/02/02/covid-19/ 🍀 

– Clinician Nancy 🍀

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