Mentorship Subscription

I would be happy to teach students how to be a great healthcare professional in France ! 

You will find below the list of skills needed and we can work on it together so you can pass the French competitive oral and written exams “Concours“.*  

The lessons can be English or French and split into Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced depending on how much the student wants to know about a specific system. Likewise, I support medical and paramedical students or other healthcare professionals needing assistance in writing academic research papers, governance approval, study set-up, and scientific articles.

Looking forward to meet new students who are determined to be successful in the French medical field !

List of skills:

1 Basic : anatomy and physiology of a system.

2 Intermediate : assessment, monitoring, and observation of that system.

3 Advanced : patient scenarios and investigative tests for treatment options.

* Free first-hour consultation with a degressive rate for online lessons.

– Clinician Nancy 🍀

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