In full confinement, how can you ensure your health by staying at home?

This is a problem to which the Paris hospitals (AP-HP) and PME Nouvel e-santé have tried to respond by setting up a home medical remote monitoring system for confirmed patients carrying or suspected of Covid-19 and who do not require hospitalization.

The device comes in the form of an application called COVIDOM, which can be downloaded free of charge from the AppStore and from Google Play. It works like teleconsultations (télé-médecine) for confirmed and suspected patients who should receive a daily questionnaire to monitor their health.

If containment measures are intended to curb the spread of the virus, COVIDOM also helps to avoid overwhelming health establishments and general practitioners.

How it works:

  1. Doctors will provide confirmed patients (carrying or suspected of Covid-19 and who do not require hospitalization) with a user ID to gain access to the platform.
  2. After downloading the COVIDOM app and registering using the user ID, patients should fill in the medical and administrative data which will enable them to be listed and to constitute a follow-up file with AP-HP (Assistance Publique Hôpitaux de Paris).
  3. Every day, patients should take a moment on their phone or at their computer to fill out the questionnaire sent to them.
  4. Patients should indicate symptoms and its frequencies, such as temperature, coughing or tiredness.
  5. Based on the answers provided, the healthcare teams are able to monitor the health check-ups of the patients who stayed at home for isolation.
  6. Alerts can be sent by hospital care teams to patients who have reported having high fevers or severe breathing difficulties, symptoms now commonly associated with contracting the virus.
  7. In the event that the symptoms become worrying and constitute an immediate emergency, patients will be asked to contact the SAMU (15).

Remember : Stay at home, our health depends on each other !

– Clinician Nancy 🍀

☎️ your generalist, if you experience any symptoms: cough, fever, conjunctivitis, severe fatigue, aches and pains

☎️  15 for emergencies and when symptoms worsen / with difficulty in breathing

☎️  0 800 130 000 for non-medical questions, (7/7, 24/24)

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