E. P. S.

E. P. S.


When was the last time you had a complete health check-up ?

Did you know that in France, we offer a Preventive Health Exam / Examen de Prévention en Santé (E. P. S. ) ?

E. P. S.  is formerly known as a free health check or “Bilan de santé gratuit”. It is based on the most recent medical recommendations and in complementary to the action of your attending physician. Its purpose is :

  • to detect any pathologies contracted and screen diseases 
  • to offer better patient care
  • to provide tips to maintain a good state of health and adopt a healthy lifestyle.

It’s 100% covered by the sécurité sociale and easily accessible for persons aging from 16 years old. Prevention offered to all CPAM, MSA, CMUC-C and AME holders, although priority is given to :

  • beneficiaries of the active solidarity income (RSA) and the CMU-C,
  • young people aged 16-25 in integration,
  • job seekers,
  • disabled or handicapped persons….

Do you want more information on health rights and a guide for better healthcare? 

You can have a moment of complete (anonymous !) exchange with the health professionals such as : social aides, nurses, dentists, doctors and specialists of different health structures.

It is carried out by a network of 85 health examination centers – Centres d’Examens de Santé (CES) in France and DROM-COM. The tests last for about 2 hours and 30 minutes and are adapted to your age, sex, risks and usual medical follow-up like :

  1. Dental examination 
  2. Blood test (possibility of HIV test) 
  3. Urine analysis 
  4. Vision and hearing check 
  5. Electrocardiogram 
  6. Respiratory capacity 
  7. Gynecological examination. 

Here are the many topics which can be addressed during an E.P.S.  :

  • E. P. S.  for young people aged 16 to 25 has themes about “addictions”, “well-being”, “emotional and sexual life”, “physical activity”…
  • E. P. S.  for the seniors has themes about the prevention of “cardiovascular disorders”, the prevention of “fall risks”, “memory”, “osteoporosis” and participation in organized “cancer screening”…
  • E. P. S.  for all ages has themes such as “tobacco”, “alcoholism” and screening for “overweight and obesity”.

As a Public Health Clinician, I strongly recommend to all of my patients this free health check-up 

because E. P. S.  will lead you to the right health path !

– Clinician Nancy🍀

For more information don’t hesitate to :

  1. ask your general practitioner – médecin généraliste, 
  2. contact your Mutuelle, CMU-C, AME 
  3. or visit one of the 85 health examination centers – Centres d’Examens de Santé (CES).

For free personalized health check-up in Paris you can register :

Textes de référence :

  • Code de la sécurité sociale : articles L321-1 à L321-3 Règles générales (article L321-3)
  • Code de la sécurité sociale : articles R321-2 à R321-6 Dispositions relatives à l’examen de santé gratuit (article R321-5) 
  • Arrêté du 20 juillet 1992 relatif aux examens périodiques de santé

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