Where can we get masks in France ?

Where can we get masks in France ?

In supermarkets, pharmacies, tobacco shops and on the Internet (from French manufacturers !)

No one can predict when coronavirus will disappear. To fight against its circulation, masks are mandatory in public transport since May 11, 2020 – the official date of deconfinement in France. Wearing a mask is also recommended in public areas, especially when you go shopping.


In pharmacies :

Masks are no longer limited to healthcare professionals. As published on April 25 in the Official Journal, a decree now regulates its sale price.

  • In French pharmacies, prices are between 2 – 5 euros
  • ” Some will be usable for 50 times and can be bought for 10 – 15 euros. ” – Philippe Besset, president of the Federation of pharmaceutical unions of France (FSPF).



In retail chains : 

To date, here are the information communicated by the retail chains. 

  • Casino: 29.54 € for 50 “3-ply” masks, up to one package per day and per customer. 
  • Magasins U: advertised a price for less than 0.60 € per mask, sold in batches of 5 or 10 maximum per person. 
  • Netto: 29.54 € for 50 “3-ply masks,” available after booking online, while stocks last and within the limit of one box per customer account
  • Intermarché: 29.54 € for 50 surgical masks, available after online booking, while stocks last and within the limit of one package per customer account: 
  • Leclerc: price of less than 0.60 € per mask or price varying depending on the store. Sold in lots of 10. Within the limit of one lot per checkout and per household. Priority will be given to medical profession. 
  • Auchan: 29.50 € for 50 masks to be picked up at the store reception and after presenting a loyalty card. 
  • Carrefour: price less than or equal to 0.60 € per mask, in batches of 5 or 10. Maximum two batches per person. 
  • Lidl: 30 € for 50 “3-ply masks.”
  • Supeco: 29.02 € for 50 surgical masks, within the limit of one package per client. 
  • Monoprix: 29.90  for 50 “3-ply masks,” and 6.90 € for 10 “3-ply masks.” 
  • Franprix: 29.90 € for 50 surgical masks (one box maximum), 15.90 € for 25 masks (two boxes maximum), 6.90 € for 10 masks (three boxes maximum) and 2.20 € for two reusable masks. 
  • Leader Price: supply in progress.


Buy online from French brands :

Many French brands have started to make “general public” masks, often more aesthetic than the masks sold in pharmacies and hypermarkets. They are washable for 5 to 30 times, depending on the model. 

Remember to check the manufacturer’s recommendations (length of wear, number of washes). Here is a non-exhaustive list of brands to order your masks online: 

  • Darjeeling, 40 € the set of 5 washable cloth masks.
  • A L’Aise Breizh, the Breton brand seems overwhelmed by demand, but ensures that it is restocked every day. Just search for “masque”, if nothing appears, it means that the restocking is in progress!
  • Quintessence France, 30 € for a set of 3 masks with removable filters, several colors available.
  • Piganiol, 19.90 € a set of 2 patterned masks.
  • Le Masque Normand, 49.90 € for a set of 10 washable masks, 29.90 € for a set of 10 disposable masks.
  • The lingerie brand DIM offers 5 fabric masks for the general public at a price of 17.90 €, certified for 30 washes.
  • Maison Montagut sells 40 € for a set of 10 masks.
  • Le Béret Français, 8 € for a reusable organic cotton mask.


Town halls and communities :

You can also check with the seamstresses in your neighbourhood or the associations in your city. 

Another solution, are town halls and communities who have ordered hundreds of thousands of masks. Free distributions have started. You can easily find information in your town hall.

Hoping you’ll find the quality mask that suits your fashion ! Good luck !

– Clinician Nancy 🍀


WORKPLACE SAFETY RIGHTS mandate complete protective personal equipment (PPE) for all essential workers in the frontline : health care and emergency responders, to those working in supermarkets, delivery, pharmacies, factories, transportation, sanitation, and all other essential workplaces.

Textes de référence :

  • Légifrance: Journal Officiel – Décret n°0102 du 26 avril 2020 – texte n° 65
  • Code du travail : Obligations de l’employeur – Article L4121-1, Ordonnance n°2017-1389 – art. 2
  • Santé Publique France
  • Ministre des Solidarités et de la Santé
  • iStockPhotos (photo inserts)
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